Hello, everyone.

My name is  Ratrin Sien, an anime geek living in Los Angeles. I like anime and manga, especially that of Japan. I have finished more than one hundred animes and mangas, including One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Code Geass, Death Note, and so on. I can not list all of them.

Among all the works I have finished, I like One Piece best. In my mind, One Piece is a masterpiece and the creator Eiichiro Oda is really a genius. I do believe that no one will transcend Oda and create such a great manga in the next 500 years. I have watched One Piece anime and read the manga several times since 12 years ago. It certainly cost me a lot of time, but I think it worthwhile.

This site is my personal blog, with a name of “One Piece Park”. On this blog, I will mainly share my reviews and opinions about the One Piece world, as well as interesting stuff, latest news and so forth. The One Piece world is so vast and interesting. Not only can we get entertained, but a good laugh and a good storyline too. Moreover, I think this manga has a remarkable depth. It is obvious that the “one piece” the Straw Hats attempt to find is not just a treasure. What does “One Piece” really mean? Where is Raftel? What will happen if One Piece is found? Where will the world go? You will ask such questions.

I hope I can help you learn more about the One Piece world. If someone want to contact me, either for ideas or questions, please send an email to onepiecepark@outlook.com.