After Jinbe, who will be the 11th member of Straw Hat Pirates

The debate on whom would be the 10th member of the Straw Hat Pirates has lasted since Brook joined the Straw Hats until the end of the Whole Cake Island Arc. After the Whole Cake Island Arc, it becomes a definite fact that Jinbe has joined the Straw Hat Pirates, becoming the 10th member of them. As we have seen that Jinbe has demonstrated tremendous skills as a helmsman at Whole Cake Island, he certainly will be the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates.

I do believe that many of you are gratified to see that Jinbe has become the 10th Straw Hats. As of now, there are ten members on Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats’ pirate ship. Let’s give the numbering to the present crew.

1.Monkey D. Luffy ( captain )
2.Roronoa Zoro ( swordsman )
3.Nami ( navigator )
4.Usopp ( sniper )
5.Vinsmoke Sanji ( cook )
6.Tony Tony Chopper ( Doctor )
7.Nico Robin ( archeologist )
8.Franky ( shipwright )
9.Brook ( musician )
10.Jimbe ( helmsman )

Then some questions arise, is the Thousand Sunny full? Will there be more crew joining in the Straw Hats?

I think the answer is YES. At the start of One Piece, when Luffy set out on his journey, he has said that he will find at least 10 people. That being said, there should be at least 11 members in the Straw Hat Pirates, including Luffy. Jinbe is the 10th member of the Straw Hats, but the 9th Nakama(companion) of Luffy’s. Therefore, after Jinbe, there should be one more member joining in the Straw Hats.

Who will be the 11th member of the Straw Hat Pirates? Many One Piece fans would have their ideas on this question, so do I. In my mind, there are several characters who are candidates to be the next crew. Now let me list them below.


  1. Carrot

Carrot is a rabbit mink from Zou. As the Straw Hats have saved the citizens of Zou after they were devastated by Jack’s invasion, she is very grateful to them. Though Wanda prohibited her from going with Luffy, she snuck onboard the Thousand Sunny, infiltrating the Whole Cake Island with the Straw Hats to rescue Sanji. Along the journey, she was close with the Straw Hats, especially Chopper.

Carrot has once learned combat skills from Pedro, a jaguar mink, who has sacrificed himself to make a chance for the Straw hats to leave the Whole Cake Island. Before he fought Perospero, Pedro told Carrot that Luffy would be the one who would lead the world to the dawn.

I will be glad that if Carrot joins the Straw Hat Pirates.


Kiku is a teahouse poster girl who lives in the region of Kuri in Wano Country. She is a very tall woman, much taller than Zoro. She has said that she is a samurai, using “sessha” to call herself instead of “I”. When O-Tama was captured by the crew of the Beasts Pirates, she responded quickly to pursue the Gazelleman to rescue Tama.

According to Chapter 915, we can know that she is a skilled swordswoman. In Bakura Town, Kiku sliced off Urashima’s top-knot with her sword, which was thought something cool by Luffy. Do you remember that why Brook joined the Straw Hats? Because Luffy thought Brook was very interesting, so he invited him to be his Nakama. I would make a speculation that Luffy will invite Kiku to join them too, just for she is so cool.

  1. Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of Alabasta and also one of the main protagonists of Alabasta Arc. She is courageous and willing to do anything to protect her country, even infiltrating the Baroque Works. After revealing herself to be a spy plotting against Baroque Works, she traveled with the Straw Hats and became friends with them.

The Straw Hats took down Crocodile, the leader of Baroque Works and one of the Schichibukai, rescuing Vivi’s country from the malevolent Schichibukai. When they left Alabasta, they invited Vivi to go with them, though Vivi ultimately declined their invitation for that she had to work for her country.

Many one piece fans hold an idea that Vivi will return to the Straw Hat Pirates, and so do I. Maybe after the World Reverie, she will resign from her position and become the 11th member of the Straw Hats.

Among the three candidates above, I think Carrot is most likely to become the 11th member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Actually, she is now on the Thousand Sunny and travels to the Wano Country with Luffy. Maybe after the Wano Country Arc, Carrot will formally become one crew of the Straw Hats.

What’s worth noting is that Eiichiro Oda love soccer, therefore, I do believe that he will absolutely add one more member to the Straw Hats. Just my thought! So what’s your idea? Do you agree that there will be an 11th member for the Straw Hat Pirates? If you agree with me, whom do you think will be the next crew? Welcome to share your ideas below.

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      1. In my opinion. It maybe ceasar (gas gas fruit) I think he can upgrade all SHP bcoz he is scientist after all.
        He can upgrade this following.
        Sanji: He can upgrade his raid suit
        Usopp: Usopp can use ceasars for their inventions to upgrade.
        Nami: Her climax tact
        Chopper: We already know that choppers dreams are to cure all dissease. I think ceasar can invent any of these for chopper.
        I think ceasae is fit to become a SHP.
        Sorry for my english. Peace

        1. Thanks for your comment and I do not think Ceasar Crown will join the Strawhats because he is a villain.

          1. funny enough, i think oda said that the next crew member joining would be a villian. so i think caesar is a very likely candidate, especially since it is mentioned that he has a dream.

          2. Luffy is also a villain, he’s a pirate as well. Caesar could be the last one to join, definitely.

        2. I kinda agree, but where is he now?? Did he leave whole cake with firetank? Does big mom have him? How will he get anywhere near wano?

    1. Pudding carrot and kinemon deserved to be member like pudding would be sanji wife in case she return to wano, carrot bond with crew and even chopped love to see her and chopper as sulong trio with rumble of sulong chopper be invisible, and kinemon maybe in case he want to see raftel and see luffy king pirate

  1. 1st = Luffy ( captain )
    2nd = Zoro ( firstmate )
    3rd = Nami ( navigator )
    4th = Usopp ( gunner )
    5th = Sanji ( cook )
    6th = Chopper ( doctor )
    7th = Robin ( logkeeper )
    8th = Franky ( shipwright )
    9th = Brook ( musician )
    10th = Jimbei ( helmsman )
    11th = Carrot ( lookout )
    12th = ?female?
    13th = Vivi ( boatswain )

    1. Carrot is most likely to be the 11th member. And I also agree with you that Vivi will join the Straw Hats in the future.

    2. Sorry to break it to u , Straw hat will only have 11 members inc. Luffy , At the very start of his journey he said “10 members would be enough”

      1. YEAH, I agree with you. there will be 11 members include Luffy. Jinbe is the 10th member, and there will be another one. I suppose that will be carrot.

          1. Nah, all I’ve seen from Vivi is crying and drama, though I wouldn’t mind that epic duck C:
            I’d rather have aokiji or marco even though they have no reason nor would they fit in as they are now.

  2. Idk about kiku since they already have a swordsman.
    If there is 13 members im guessing 11th will be carrot, 12 would be vivi and 13.
    13th i dont have any proof or anything at all but i want bartolomeo to be the 13th

    1. Hey, there. Thanks for your comment. Now I would like to agree with you that Kiku won’t be one member of the Strawhats. But I don’t think bartolomeo would become Strawhats, for that he is now a captain of the Straw Hat Luffy Grand Fleet.

      1. Vivi will be the most likely, although carrot is caught up with the most recent storyline, dont forget the episode where Luffy departed from arabasta(alabasta, or whatever you guys call it) and the straw hats left a cross on their arms stating that they are nakama, therefore luffy might cross paths with her and she may join them.

  3. hey remember when oda said on sbs that Vivi number on strawhats is 5.5 ? I think she will be returning to strawhat crew as 11th member (5,5×2) as the second time on the crew (if that make sense) probably something will happening after reverie, since IM – sama holding a picture of her on the previous chapters

  4. I agree that Carrot and Vivi will join the crew at some point soon, in fact I would be surprised if they didn’t join.
    I also think that there is a possibility that Pudding may join in the future.

    1. Too many girls. It’s actually a shounen manga so I think 11th will be a more epic character. Vivi would be disappointing since she is too weak to be a straw hat now.

  5. It won’t be a princess, due to the reviere arc, I’d love if Rebecca joined (even though I am a major Vivo fan) the rest have major roles to fill later on. I feel after carrot may be Marco,he has been mentioned (1st time since WB death) I know he is OP but he could join die to ace being luffys sworn bro and luffy standing up to WB earning him respect, Marco may want a crew and feel like the strawhats is the way to go +, a mythical span on the crew would be amazing.

  6. It should be someone strong and unique and plays an important role. I like Marco as an environmental doctor like noland. Or monet as an astronomer(somehow…she’s a harpy). Or carrot as lookout . Tbh I think we haven’t met them yet considering the Wano characters dreams. Maybe during elbath or shanks or Blackbeard or Raftel
    arcs before luffy drops the gauntlet against the world.

    1. I believe it’s going to be carrot as the 11th member, Monet as the 12th. there is a possibility the current alliance between kaido and big mom is again based on marriage. what if Pudding is forced to be the bride again and after the straw hats save her she joins them as well to be with Sanji. just a speculation guys. so excited to follow the current arc.

  7. I feel that the next member should be a disillusioned or former marine of reasonable rank. Someone with great use of haki but not necessarily with a devil fruit power.

    1. if someone in marines, i would love to see Ain joining them haha tho she’s still with the neo’s and she’s also non-cannon character so its pretty impossible haha

  8. I’ll be honest, I know Sabo got his own little thing going on. But it be lit if Sabo ended up being the one somehow.

  9. The 11th member would be CAESAR!

    he has a goal,
    to surpass the most greatest scientist Dr. Vegapunk
    also being a scientist is so useful for SW for the medicine of Chopper and awesome ideas to contribute to franky and usopp.

  10. I think someone from wano kuni will join the crew since wano kuni represents japan. I hope 11th wont be carrot. She is the most irritating and non interesting character oda has ever created.

  11. I have to be honest here, and hear me out. I really think it might end up being Reiju after Jinbe. And here’s my reasoning:

    1. From what I understand, the next crewman is said to be a scientist and a former enemy (I know that also technically describes Caesar Clown, but I really don’t see that happening since he’s essentially the Buggy of the New World).
    2. Reiju is highly skilled with poisons of all kinds so she’d be an amazing asset, especially to Chopper since she’d be able to detect and neutralize any poison that might infect one of the crew.
    3. She is immensely strong and skilled in combat, namely at close-quarters fighting, if I recall.
    4. I think it might be interesting to see if she’s anything like Sanji is when it comes to men. It would be pretty funny to see how she’d interact with Zoro especially, if just to see how Sanji would react to his big sister being stuck on his rival.

  12. Carrot will join as 11th members and maybe bon clay as 12th members. I dont think magellan kill him at impel down. Theres possibilities that he escape when blackbeard causing ruckus.

  13. 1.Monkey D. Luffy ( captain )
    2.Roronoa Zoro ( swordsman )
    3.Nami ( navigator )
    4.Usopp ( sniper )
    5.Vinsmoke Sanji ( cook )
    6.Tony Tony Chopper ( Doctor )
    7.Nico Robin ( archeologist )
    8.Franky ( shipwright )
    9.Brook ( musician )
    10.Jimbe ( helmsman )
    11. Nefatari Vivi (Dishwasher)

  14. I think personally that vivifies a solid yes because why would Oda go to the reverie before the reverie ark actually start if not to recrute the 11th member of the straw hats

  15. Puffy said “I think” also he said “about 10 men” so this doesn’t mean that Luffy really sure want definitely only 10 men
    I think he will get at least 12 straw hat members from Cat Viper cover foreshadowing

  16. I think your completely wrong (except for Carrot) . The next member to join the straw hats would be a strong character who acknowledges Luffy. Even Raileigh might join the straw hats. In the most extreme situation where Shanks would be defeated, even he might join the straw hats. h

    1. Hello Danny, thanks for stopping by. I agree with you and I think Carrot will be the 11th member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

  17. its hard to say who will be the final members of the crew, i think there will be 3 more after jinbei tho
    East Blue- 4 members (Zoro, Ussop, Sanjo, Nami)
    Grand Line -4 members(Tony Tony Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook)
    New World-?members (Jinbei, ? ? ? ? ?
    so i think 3 more members would follow suit, also, luffy tends to recruit those that he finds interesting too, like chopper and brook, so who joins next is really a toss up
    who will not join!
    VIVI- she is a princess, and soon to be queen by the looks of her fathers health… she would also probably die in the first fight they entered
    Kin’emon. his wife is still alive in wano, so he has no reason to leave wano

    who i could see potentially joining
    Smoker(Maybe) i could see the wg setting up tashigi to die/take the fall or something, but as of right now, he is luffys garp
    Carrot( not a carrot fan)
    Pekoms =he deffinately hurt his position in big moms crew after the tea party incident when he betrayed the mom pirates (I WANTED PEDROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
    Bellamy = if luffy and crew run into him again, i see bellamy deffinately joining them at that time
    Koby= could join luffy after finding out that the marines/world government are fake and corrupt, could realize that captain axe hand morgan wasnt all that uncommon in the marines
    Marco = i could see marco joining as the final member right before raftel leading into the bb fight, this guy will deffinately be the final member if he joins tho
    Kuma= Kuma the tyrant has a interesting connection with luffys brother sabo, that honestly mimics that of jinbei and ace, kuma also stood guard over the straw hats ship for 2 years
    Rob Lucci=dont know how he would come about joining, just a possibility
    Bon Kurei/ivankov, could join luffy
    people i dont want to ever join


  18. If Jinbe can join the Straw Hats, why can’t Boa Hancock given her close and somewhat intimate relationship with Luffy? Something to ponder

  19. Vivi had a lot of Cameo on each Series. Therefore, Vivi is possible to comeback because her character remains on the series. And there are speculations that Vivi eat Devil fruit and become missing

  20. I think if someone who has a role in the ship, I would pick carrot as the 11th member since we all seen her doing the lookout for the staw hats.

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