A guide to watching One Piece Anime and Manga

This post is a guide for you to watch one piece series. I will make a list of all the arcs in One Piece, both animes and mangas.

  1. East Blue Saga

1-1. Romance Dawn Arc (Anime Episodes 1-3, Manga Chapters 1-7)

Our protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, set out onto the sea with a small ship, while his ship got swallowed by a giant whirlpool and he had to drift the ocean in a barrel instead. He was rescued accidentally by a passenger ship, which later is raid by the Alvida Pirates. There he encountered Coby, who serves not only Luffy’s friend but his enemy as well in the remaining series. They went to find Roronoa Zoro, Continue reading “A guide to watching One Piece Anime and Manga”