Why will Luffy destroy Fishman Island?

Shirley-prediction-luffy will destroy fishman island

During the Fishman Island Arc, Madam Shyarly predicts that a man in a straw hat will destroy Fishman Island. She presumes that the man is Luffy. We are told that the predictions of Shyarly’s are very accurate. It means that they will happen in the future. I am amazed at this plot as Luffy is not a villain and will certainly not do harm to Fishman Island. Continue reading “Why will Luffy destroy Fishman Island?”

One Piece – the members of Locks Pirates crew

One Piece chapter 907 has brought us something huge that Garp is called “Hero of the Marines” not entirely for fighting and cornering Roger but before that Garp had defeated the legendary pirates “Locks”. There is no doubt that it is the era of Locks Pirates before Gol D. Roger. Meanwhile, Hina states that though the Locks Pirates crew lost their captain, they have only become stronger. Garp admits that it will be a huge threat if they return. Continue reading “One Piece – the members of Locks Pirates crew”

The miraculous design in One Piece world

Today I want to talk about the miraculous design in One Piece. Oda has created so many interesting and imaginative stuff in the One Piece world, such as Devil Fruits, Den Den Mushi, Vivre Card, Haki, the sola island, the fishman island, the different tribes, and so on. I do believe he is a genius. Now let’s delve into these miraculous stuff one by one. Continue reading “The miraculous design in One Piece world”

Yes! Zoro does not have Conqueror’s Haki, Why?

Zoro conqueror haki

Conqueror’s Haki, aka Haoshoku Haki, is a rare ability in One Piece world. According to the series, the chance of encountering an individual with Conqueror’s Haki is one-in-a-million. There are no more than ten characters possessing it. Luffy, Rayleigh, Whitebeard, Boa Hancock, Shanks, are the one who possesses it. There exists a debate among the fans that whether or not Zoro has Conqueror’s Haki. Continue reading “Yes! Zoro does not have Conqueror’s Haki, Why?”

Top ten One Piece unsolved mysteries

One Piece is a great work. Not only can we get entertained, but a good laugh and a good storyline too. It has lasted more than 20 years and it will continue for at least another few years. There are many unsolved mysteries in the series. Now let me list the top ten.

  1. Luffy’s straw hat

As we all know, Luffy’s straw hat is inherited from Shanks 12 years ago. Continue reading “Top ten One Piece unsolved mysteries”

One Piece Crocodile – is his bounty too low?

one piece crocodile

Today we are going to talk about a former Shichibukai, Crocodile and his bounty. As we all know, he has a bounty of 81 million berries, which is the second lowest bounty among the Seven Warlords. On the contrary, our protagonist Straw Hat Luffy, who defeated him in Alabasta, has earned a bounty of 1.5 billion berries. It has caused much debate that even a newcomer of the Red Hair Pirates, Rockstar, has a higher bounty(94 million) than Crocodile. Continue reading “One Piece Crocodile – is his bounty too low?”