One Piece character – What’s the true identity of Jewelry Bonney?


Jewelry Bonney, also known as the Big Eater, is a pirate and the captain of the Bonney Pirates. She is one of the Worst Generation pirates, with a bounty of 140 million berries. She has been a suspicious character and caused much debate about her real identity since she cried for the death of Whitebeard and Ace at Marineford’s war. Today let’s talk about this suspicious girl.

Jewelry Bonney made her debut in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. On the Sabaody Archipelago, she prevented Zoro from attacking a Celestial Dragon, which would cause an admiral to come to the island. It is shown that she can alter the age of herself and others because of her devil fruit ability, hence it is difficult to determine her true age.

Before the 2 year time-skip, she was caught as a hostage by the Blackbeard Pirates and offered to the Marines to be traded for a replacement ship. But Blackbeard failed to get a marine ship as the later fleet admiral Akainu was on board. They fled and left Bonney and her crew behind to be arrested. When Akainu arrived, he stated that he was truly frightened when she escaped from the World Government. This has intrigued many One Piece fans. Some questions arise: Why was Akainu frightened by just a pirate? What’s the true identity of Jewelry Bonney? Is she someone important?

Jewelry Bonney infiltrated the Mary Geoise

In chapter 908, it is shown that she has successfully infiltrated the Mary Geoise, the capital of the World Government. There she encounters Bartholomew Kuma and cries, saying in heart she would never forgive them, exactly the Celestial Dragons, from which we can speculate that she is related to Kuma. What’s more, as she disguised herself as the Queen Mother of the Sorbet Kingdom, there is a big probability that she is correlated to the Sorbet Kingdom.

As far as I am concerned, there is no relationship between Bonney and Whitebeard or Ace. I hold an idea that she is the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma. She cried neither for Whitebeard nor Ace in the Marineford Arc, but for Kuma being turned into a human weapon called “Pacifista”, which was developed by Vegapunk. According to chapter 908, we can know that she absolutely know Kuma. It is a fact that Kuma is the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom and we can speculate that Bonney is the princess as his daughter. When Bonney was young, Kuma left his country and joined the revolutionaries. At last, Kuma volunteer to become the human weapon of the World Government. Though we don’t know the reason for what he has done, I want to speculate that it is because that the world government threatened to destroy his country. It is reasonable that Bonney hates the World Government and swears she will never forgive the Celestial Dragons. As to the one she wants to find and kill, I think that is Vegapunk, who has personally turned Kuma into a human weapon.

Yet why has Akainu got frightened by the news Bonney had escaped from the World Government? An interesting theory that exists, states that Bonney is able to prolong life, hence the Celestial Dragons, especially the Gorosei, who want to live forever, will need to make use of her ability. Thus the World Government has to take control of her. I am dubious of this theory. I prefer to the idea that Kuma has made a deal with the World Government before he was turned into a human weapon. The deal may include an item that the World Government can’t do harm to his daughter, otherwise something bad will happen to the World Government, such as the explosion of Pacifista.

Before Oda reveals the truth, all of the ideas about the true identity of Jewelry Bonney are just speculations. However, we can entertain ourselves with the speculations and discussions. Then what’s your idea? Welcome to share your comments below.

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  1. I basically agree with everything you’ve said, but there is only one thing that bothers me: why doesn’t anyone even consider the possibility of she being Kuma’s mother? Like… queen mother of Sorbet kingdom could be her real identity, forced to take back the throne after her son goes revolutionary. Actually, perhaps she approved of him being a revolutionary. Then he turns himself to the government and she feels desperate, but is too old to do anything, then conveniently gets a devil fruit that can make herself younger, so she sets sail as a pirate to try and make things right. Oda is just the kind of author to put an unconventional character like an old lady going pirate, haha.

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