One Piece Crocodile – is his bounty too low?

one piece crocodile

Today we are going to talk about a former Shichibukai, Crocodile and his bounty. As we all know, he has a bounty of 81 million berries, which is the second lowest bounty among the Seven Warlords. On the contrary, our protagonist Straw Hat Luffy, who defeated him in Alabasta, has earned a bounty of 1.5 billion berries. It has caused much debate that even a newcomer of the Red Hair Pirates, Rockstar, has a higher bounty(94 million) than Crocodile. Therefore, many hold an idea that Crocodile’s bounty is too low. Let’s discuss this point.

Crocodile has eaten a devil fruit, Suna Suna no Mi, which allows him to become, generate, and manipulate sand. He is the only one who has defeated Luffy twice, while losing to Luffy in the third battle. Considering the horrible ability that he can suck all the moisture out of any object, I do not think that he is so weak. He should deserve at least twice of the bounty he had gained. Yes, his bounty should be 160 million berries or more.

The bounty and Shichibukai

First and foremost, we should clear up some questions about the bounty and Shichibukai. The bounty is a government-issued reward placed on an individual and awarded to whoever can apprehend or kill that person. The Shichibukai are seven pirates who are strong enough to be acknowledged by the World Government. They have been affiliated with the World Government so that they can rob legally. As to this point, we should know that when a pirate allies the WG, his bounty won’t increase anymore. That being said, Crocodile’s bounty is outdated. If he didn’t become Shichibukai, he will earn a much higher bounty.

His strength deserves a higher bounty

As to the strength of individual, I think he deserves a higher bounty. One strong evidence is that he is incarcerated in the level 6 of Impel Down, which is placed with the most vicious criminals, such as Jinbe, Ace, Shiliew. Another testament is that during the battle of Marineford, Doflamingo wanted to form a partnership with him, which proved that Dofy acknowledged his strength.

In addition, there exists an interesting idea which states that he has once been defeated by Whitebeard. I speculate that Crocodile was a supernova resembling Portgas D. Ace when he was young. He was courageous enough to challenge Whitebeard dozens of times while failed.

Will he play a more important role in the remaining series?

He had been imprisoned in the Impel Down because of Luffy, and he was also released from that Great Prison thanks to Luffy. After the battle of Marineford, he and his subordinate Daz Bones decided to head out to the New World. I’m sure that he still has great aspirations. Before he was defeated by Luffy, he was very persistent about the ancient weapons. Maybe he will do something important in the New World. Anyway, I do believe that he will play a more important role in the future.

All in all, Crocodile is a character who can not be overlooked and his bounty is certainly too low. Do you agree with me? Tell me your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Boa Hancock has a bounty of 85mill. Like Croc, her bounty is low. However, she got that bounty on her first voyage- this incredible feat is why she became a shichibukai. The same may be the case for Crocrodile. In other words, his bounty isn’t low because he is underrated but, as it has been clearly pointed out in this brilliantly written one piece park article, his bounty was frozen the moment he became a warlord. He probably managed some extraordinary feat or so like Hancock when he first set sail and consequently earned the respect of the world government. I personally don’t side with the opinion that his bounty is low. Clearly, there is a reason for the misconception.

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