One Piece Kuzan, why he joined the Blackbeard Pirates?

Kuzan joined the blackbeard pirates

Kuzan, with an epithet of Aokiji, is a former marine admiral in the One Piece world. He has eaten Logia Devil Fruit, Hie Hie no Mi, which allows him to control, create, and become ice. After Sengoku resigned from his position, he battled with Sakazuki for 10 days for the title of the fleet admiral. This battle ended up with Sakazuki winning. As Sakazuki became the fleet admiral, Kuzan left the marine rather than serving under this colleague he had detested for a long time.

It is understandable that Kuzan left the marine, while we have been told that he had become affiliated with the Blackbeard Pirates, which is quite incomprehensible. So through this post, I want to delve into the reason why he joined the Blackbeard Pirates, the biggest badass in the series.

Kuzan is a mighty man with justice

Kuzan’s first debut is in the Long Ring Long Land Arc, exactly episode 225. On an isolated island, he encountered with the Straw Hat Pirates. Robin knew him and felt afraid of him, however, Kuzan said that he was not there to arrest or execute them. Though at last he changed his mind and tried to defeat the Straw Hats, we can see that he is a compassionate man from the action that he helped the people cross the ocean by freezing the water with the power of his Devil Fruit.

Kuzan encountered the Straw Hat Pirates

Another testament is what he had done in the Ohara Incident 22 years ago. At that time, Kuzan was a vice admiral, so was Sakazuki. Sakazuki, who followed the creed of  ‘Absolute Justice’, killed innocent Ohara civilians to ensure that none of the archaeologists escaped the Buster Call, which made Kuzan angry. Since that incident, Kuzan disgusted Sakazuki. In Ohara incident, he was forced to freeze and kill his good friend, former Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul. Nonetheless, he helped Nico Robin to escape via the use of his Devil Fruit powers, by freezing a trail in the ocean for her boat to sail safely through. He even froze Spandine’s ship’s rudder, to help Robin escape from the World Government.

What’s more, it has been shown that Kuzan had let the Straw Hat Pirates escape several times. Maybe he had some kind of debt to Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D Garp, but this was not the main reason he got slack at chasing Luffy. What’s worth noting is that in his youth, Kuzan told Garp that turning down another promotion was really something cool.

As to the idea that he is a mighty man, there are many pieces of evidence. For example, he was even able to freeze the tsunamis created by Whitebeard, despite their size surpassing that of Marineford.

What’ more, half of Punk Hazard had been turned into a frozen wasteland, because of his Devil Fruit powers. Another convincing proof is that the Gorosei regard him as “enormous power” (in chapter 793).

Many One Piece fans really couldn’t understand the reason Kuzan had joined the Blackbeard Pirates. He is not only a mighty man but also a righteous man. Why would he become affiliated with the Blackbeard? Many fans publish their ideas.

As a spy for the marine or the revolutionaries?

There exists a popular saying about Kuzan as a spy among the one piece fans, which is divided into sayings as a spy for the marine and a spy for the revolutionaries.

Firstly, let’s talk about the idea that Kuzan is a spy for the marine. As we know, Kuzan lost to Sakazuki in the battle, which lasted for 10 days on Punk Hazard. It was intrigued that Akainu didn’t kill Kuzan for this grim man never showed mercy. Someone thinks that Sakazuki would need Kuzan, to serve the marine. He spared Kuzan’s life with the requirement that the latter should serve as a spy for the marine. As I see it, there are little possibilities for this idea. The new fleet admiral had stated that where Kuzan had gone and what he had done was none of his business.

Let’s delve into the possibilities that Kuzan serves as a spy for the revolutionaries. This idea considers that the leader of the revolutionaries, Monkey D Dragon, was once a marine and a friend of Kuzan. Dragon couldn’t bear the corruption of the marines and the world government, so he left the marines and built up the revolutionary army, while Kuzan decided to stay and change the system from inside. However, he always found his own ideals in opposition to the orders from the marines and the world government. At last, Sakazuki became the fleet admiral, which made him know that it was impossible for him to realize his ideals in the marine. Therefore he left the marines and joined the revolutionaries, to help his old friend, Dragon.

“Justice” changes its shape

As far as I am concerned, it is impossible that Kuzan serves as a spy, neither for the marine nor for the revolutionaries, because he is a very laid back man and the spy’s job is not for him. One thing we can make sure is that Kuzan would definitely not become a rogue, like the Blackbeard Pirates. One testament is that when he rescued Smoker from Doflamingo’s fury on Punk Hazard, Smoker had asked him whether he had a connection with the underworld, then Kuzan answered him “It’s me, Smoke”, meaning that he is the one he used to be(in chapter 699). In addition, despite disagreeing with Sakazuki’s ideals, Kuzan asked Smoker to warn the new fleet admiral about the danger Doflamingo posed to the new Marine Headquarters.

Kuzan rescued smoke from Doflamingo

Then why has he joined the Blackbeard Pirates? I hold an idea that he has made a deal with Marshall D Teach, aka Blackbeard, to achieve what he wants. As to the deal they had made, I think the Blackbeard Pirates would gain a mighty man, one of the strongest former marines. Though Kuzan is a former marine, Marshall D Teach pays it no mind, because this is a deal — Kuzan should fight for him and he helps Kuzan to achieve his goals. Then what Kuzan wants? Let’s talk about his purpose.

On the one hand, Kuzan has been affiliated with the Blackbeard Pirates to keep watch on these villains, because they are the most dangerous group in the one piece universe. On the other hand, Kuzan wants to know what has happened in the void century. As the Blackbeard Pirates are strong enough and good at obtaining intelligence, Kuzan would gain the intelligence about the void century more easily. His ultimate aim is to change the world, with a way from outside. So it is definitely not the question a man with justice turns into a villain, but the question that this justicial man changes the shape of “justice”.

I do not believe that Kuzan has joined the Blackbeard Pirates in essence. What do you think about this point? Welcome to share your comments below.

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