One Piece Luffy wanted poster made of pure gold will be released, will you buy?

Luffy wanted poster made of pure gold

The bounty is always a big point that One Piece fans talk about. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, our protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, defeated Charlotte Katakuri, the strongest commander in Big Mom Pirates. After that, he has earned a bounty of 1.5 billion berries, the highest known active bounty in the series. What’s more, he gained an epithet of “The Fifth Emperor”.

In order to commemorate the achievement Luffy has gained, the One Piece official is going to make a wanted poster made of pure gold for him. YES, that’s right! It is made of pure gold. This pure-gold-made wanted poster is the same as that in One Piece manga, without modification. It will be released in late November 2018.

luffy wanted poster

The Luffy wanted poster is put in a transparent photo frame, which is made of acrylic plastic material. It looks really very nice! In addition, it is accessorized with a collection box that is printed a Straw Hats logo on the top.

Many fans may ask, how much does this pure-gold-made wanted poster cost? Well! Its price is 41040yen, equivalent to $370. Is it too expensive? One gram of gold values about $40. As its dimensions haven’t been revealed, we do not know how much gold it will contain. I speculate that it will be half of the size of a paper A4 and contain about 3 grams of gold. Maybe it will be a little expensive, but its real value is not gold but for commemoration.

Do think this wanted poster is too expensive? Will you buy it when it is released? I know many collectors will be interested in it.


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