One Piece – the members of Locks Pirates crew

One Piece chapter 907 has brought us something huge that Garp is called “Hero of the Marines” not entirely for fighting and cornering Roger but before that Garp had defeated the legendary pirates “Locks”. There is no doubt that it is the era of Locks Pirates before Gol D. Roger. Meanwhile, Hina states that though the Locks Pirates crew lost their captain, they have only become stronger. Garp admits that it will be a huge threat if they return.

the locks pirates first introduced

Through what Garp and Hina have said, we can know that the captain of Locks Pirates was defeated by Garp, which made Garp gain the title of “Hero of the Marines”.  Afterwards the other crew dispersed and became stronger. Then who would be the members of Locks Pirates crew?

I want to make a speculation first and then I will talk about the reason. In my mind, there is a big probability that the Locks Pirates included Big Mom, Kaido, and the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi in Wano Country. In the start of chapter 907, Big Mom contacts with Kaido for the question that who will take the head of Mugiwara Luffy. Big Mom states that Kaido still owes her a big time and at last she says to Kaido,” Let’s stay friendly on this, eh?! Like good old times.” I can confirm that the two Yonkou, Big Mom and Kaido have once been on the same ship. As Kaido has allied with the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, it will be reasonable to speculate that the Shogun was also a crew of this ship.

Then another question arises. Though they three were once on the same ship, we can not confirm that they were on the ship of the Locks Pirates. Why can we draw such a conclusion? Pay attention to Garp’s words ”If they return, they will be a huge threat”. As far as I am concerned, “they return” may mean that the former crew get together and form an alliance. There is no need for the marines to fear the pirates that are divided into parts, but if the pirates become affiliated with each other, that will be a huge threat. Now there exists a big probability that the three former crew of Locks Pirates, Big Mom, Kaido, and the Shogun, will gather together and form an alliance. Hence Garp says that if they return they will be a huge threat.

Wrapping up, I think the four crews, Big Mom, Kaido, the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and their captain, maybe called Locks, were once the four strongest power of the Locks Pirates. As to other members, it is no wonder that Streusen, the co-founder of Big Mom Pirates, was one of them, for that he had been with Big Mom since she was a child. What’s more, the Golden Lion Shiki may be a member too.

So what do you guys think about the Locks Pirates crew? Who would be the former members of them? Welcome to share your ideas below.


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