One piece — the unknown strength in Wano Country


As of now, One Piece manga has updated to the Wano Country Arc. Wano Country is an isolationist country in the New World, which is not affiliated with the World Government. It is currently occupied by the Beasts Pirates, whose captain is Yonkou Kaido, who are allied with the Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi.

It is difficult to enter or leave Wano Country for the dangerous natural conditions. Aside from that, it’s called “the country of samurai”, for the powerful swordsmen called “samuari”. The legendary samurai Ryuma, whose grave was infiltrated and sword  was stolen after his death, was a powerful swordsman from Wano Country. Actually, Wano Country is based on the Feudal Japan.


In chapter 655, Brook states that the “samurai” swordsmen are so strong that not even the marines go near them. What’s more, in chapter 907, Akainu stops Borsalino from going to Wano Country, stating that the strength of the armies of the Wano Country is as yet unknown, which means the “samurai”. That being said, the samurais are so powerful that even the fleet admiral has scruples about them. There is no doubt that the unknown strength is samurais. Yet some questions arise: How strong are the samurais? Can someone among them match an admiral?

why akainu stop kizaru from going to wano country

Maybe we should ask a question first. Why has Yonkou Kaido been allied with the Shogun? Kaido is called the strongest creature on the earth, and he has killed himself many times but all failed. I suppose that he is not the one who would optionally ally with others. The main reason he has allied with the Shogun is because that the Shogun and his armies are strong enough. I speculate that the Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, is a mighty swordsman who can match up an admiral, or even the strongest swordsman in the world. What’s more, there are many powerful swordsmen among his subordinates. Consequently, Akainu stops Kisaru from going to Wano Country. Another reason is that Kaido may have stayed with the Shogun on the same ship, which may be the ship of the Locks Pirates.

Oda has told us in SBS that the Straw Hats will have to face the strongest enemy ever seen, and the battles in Wano Country will be much fiercer than that in Marineford’s war. It will be a very difficult mission for the Straw Hats to take down Yonkou Kaido and the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. As to the match-ups in this arc, I hold an idea that Luffy and Law will team up to beat Kaido, and Zoro will beat the Shogun, for both of them are swordsmen.

The real power of the Shogun really intrigues us. Let’s make a discussion on the unknown strength in Wano Country before Oda reveals it. I’m sure that the Wano Country Arc will be an epic. What do you think? Welcome to share your ideas below.

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