Popularity Polls of One Piece characters, top seven popular women

The Popularity Polls are occasionally held by Weekly Shonen Jump and published in the One Piece Volumes. Among the Popularity Polls, the most well-known is Characters polls, which will vote for whom are the one fans like best. Today I want to talk about the top seven popular women voted by the latest Characters polls. As the polls were organized in Japan, the voters were mainly the Japanese One Piece fans. Now let me introduce these beauties one by one.

No.1 Nami  3269 votes

One Piece Nami

Nami is a slim young woman with orange hair and brown eyes. After the two years time skip, her hair has got long and she becomes sexier. She is the third member of the Straw Hats and absolutely the housekeeper of the Thousand Sunny for that she always controls the money of the Straw Hat Pirates. All members, especially Luffy have to rely on her. She has got 3269 votes, the most among all the women in the Characters polls.

No.2 Boa Hancock  2452 votes

one piece Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock, well-known as the Pirate Empress, is a very tall, slender woman with long black hair that extends past her waist. As a great beauty, her first debut had made everyone amazed and all the marines were fascinated by her beauty. Even though she wanted to execute Luffy at the start, she fell in love with Luffy later. In my mind, she is absolutely the most beautiful woman in One Piece world.

No.3 Nico Robin  1952 votes

one piece Nico Robin

Nico Robin is a sweet woman with beautiful eyes and a slim body. After the two years time skip, her appearance has changed a lot compare with that pre-time skip. She has become white. As the only survivor in the Ohara Incident, she suffered a lot and at last found a home she can return, the Straw Hats. She is not only physically attractive but also very interesting. She always said something terrible imperturbably, which scared Usopp and Chopper.

No.4 Vinsmoke Reiju  1665 votes

One Piece Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju, is the elder sister of Sanji, with pink hair and a slim body. She saved poisoned Luffy in her first debut, winning lots of one piece fans’ favor. Different from her other brothers besides Sanji, she is a girl full of affections. In her childhood, though she laughed at Sanji seemingly, she would help Sanji privately.

No.5 Perona  956 votes

One Piece Perona

Many will be surprised that the rank of Perona in the Characters Polls is so high. Perona is called the ghost princess, for that she can use a ghost to make one negative. She has been staying with Zoro during the time skip on Mihawk’s island. She always worried about Zoro and went to rescue him at last, which may be the reason she has got so many votes.

No.6 Nefertari Vivi  862 votes

one piece Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi is a beautiful, kind, and courageous princess of Alabasta. She loves her country and would do anything for her country. She is brave enough to infiltrate the Baroque Works, which is led by Crocodile. After failing in her mission, she traveled with the Straw Hats, which was really interesting and meaningful for her. On the journey, they have developed a good friendship with each other. Though she declined the invitation to travel with the Straw Hats, there is still a big probability that she will return to the Straw Hats in some day.

No.7 Carrot  732 votes

one piece carrot

Carrot is a rabbit mink from Zou. She traveled to the Whole Cake Island with the Straw Hats to rescue Sanji from the Big Mom Pirates. Along the journey, she was close with the Straw Hats, especially Chopper. She is able to become a Moon Lion when looking at the full moon, which makes her much stronger. It is also probable that Carrot will become a member of the Straw Hats.

Which woman character in One Piece do you like best? Different people have different ideas. As for me, I like Boa Hancock best. In addition, there are more woman characters I’m fond of, such as Tashigi. I hold an idea that Tashigi should be one of the top seven popular women. Do you agree with me? Share your ideas below.


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