One Piece Crocodile – is his bounty too low?

one piece crocodile

Today we are going to talk about a former Shichibukai, Crocodile and his bounty. As we all know, he has a bounty of 81 million berries, which is the second lowest bounty among the Seven Warlords. On the contrary, our protagonist Straw Hat Luffy, who defeated him in Alabasta, has earned a bounty of 1.5 billion berries. It has caused much debate that even a newcomer of the Red Hair Pirates, Rockstar, has a higher bounty(94 million) than Crocodile. Continue reading “One Piece Crocodile – is his bounty too low?”

Popularity Polls of One Piece characters, top seven popular women

The Popularity Polls are occasionally held by Weekly Shonen Jump and published in the One Piece Volumes. Among the Popularity Polls, the most well-known is Characters polls, which will vote for whom are the one fans like best. Today I want to talk about the top seven popular women voted by the latest Characters polls. As the polls were organized in Japan, the voters were mainly the Japanese One Piece fans. Now let me introduce these beauties one by one. Continue reading “Popularity Polls of One Piece characters, top seven popular women”

One Piece Kuzan, why he joined the Blackbeard Pirates?

Kuzan joined the blackbeard pirates

Kuzan, with an epithet of Aokiji, is a former marine admiral in the One Piece world. He has eaten Logia Devil Fruit, Hie Hie no Mi, which allows him to control, create, and become ice. After Sengoku resigned from his position, he battled with Sakazuki for 10 days for the title of the fleet admiral. This battle ended up with Sakazuki winning. As Sakazuki became the fleet admiral, Kuzan left the marine rather than serving under this colleague he had detested for a long time. Continue reading “One Piece Kuzan, why he joined the Blackbeard Pirates?”

How strong is Monkey D Garp? Could he defeat Akainu?

Monkey D Garp, the grandfather of Luffy and father of Monkey D Dragon, has been known as “Hero of Marines”. He is a vice admiral of marines, while it was evidenced that he had been promoted more than once, but he turned down the chances. He definitely is one of the strongest marines. Though, someone may ask, how strong is Monkey D Garp? What level is his power? Adding a more interesting question, could he defeat Akainu in the Marineford’s war if Sengoku hadn’t restrained him from attempting to kill Akainu? Continue reading “How strong is Monkey D Garp? Could he defeat Akainu?”