The miraculous design in One Piece world

Today I want to talk about the miraculous design in One Piece. Oda has created so many interesting and imaginative stuff in the One Piece world, such as Devil Fruits, Den Den Mushi, Vivre Card, Haki, the sola island, the fishman island, the different tribes, and so on. I do believe he is a genius. Now let’s delve into these miraculous stuff one by one.

1.Devil Fruits

Luffy encounter Buggy in impel down

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits which can provide the eater a special ability, depending on the type and variation of the Fruit itself. The capabilities people can gain from the devil fruits are different from each other, that being said, there aren’t two same devil fruits, which makes the characters in one piece world much more interesting. Our protagonist, Luffy, has eaten Gomu Gomu no Mi and become a rubber man. Buggy, the first antagonist of Luffy, has eaten Bara Bara no Mi, which allows him to separate his body parts and control them independently of each other. What’s worth noting, one will not be able to swim after he eats a devil fruit.

  1. Den Den Mushi

Den Den Mushi

Den Den Mushi, aka Transponder Snail in English version, is a living creature which can be used for communication, photography, fax and even video transmission. It plays a role like our smart mobile phone in the one piece world, but it may contain more capabilities than the mobile phone. It is so interesting that this snail can mimic the person’s speech and display their emotions as well as take on the distinctive physical traits of the person on the other end. Without this miraculous snail, maybe the people in one piece world would have to communicate with each other by using mobile phones, which will be quite strange. (click here to learn more about Den Den Mushi)

  1. Vivre Card

Vivre Card of Ace's

Vivre Card, also known as the “paper of life”, is made from part of a person’s fingernail. The torn pieces will point to and move towards their owner, allowing one to always be able to tell in which direction their owner is. What’s more, Vivre Card also displays the life force of their owner. If the life force of the person who gave the Vivre Card is disappearing, the card will begin to burn. In the series, we know that when Ace was captured, his Vivre Card began to burn and it burned to ash after Ace died.


Luffy and dofy

Haki is a mysterious power in one piece world, which is first formally introduced in the Amazon Lily Arc. Haki is categorized into three types, including Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, Haoshoku Haki. In the early stage of One Piece, there is no conception of “Haki”. The Devil Fruit user, like Buggy, can’t be hurt by a fist or a sword. While now Buggy would be wound by someone who can use Busoshoku Haki.

5.Reverse Mountain

reverse mountain

Reverse Mountain is a magical mountain, which is full of danger. It is one of the two entrances to the Grand Line(another is traveling across the calm belt). There are five rivers on the Reverse Mountain, four flowing up to the top from the four seas(east blue, south blue, north blue, and west blue), another flowing down from the top into the Grand Line.

Reverse Mountain is not only the start of the Grand Line, but also the end of the Grand Line, for that the other end of it is the end of the New World.

6.Sky Island


Sky Island is the island on the sky, with an altitude of 10000 meters. It seems illogical, impossible, or unbelievable to the people living in the Blue Sea. The Sky Island was once a part of the island in the Blue Sea. It was pushed up to the sky by a knock-up stream. Traveling to the Sky Island is difficult and dangerous. Most of the pirates who want to go to the Sky Island have to ride the knock-up stream.

7.Fishman Island

fishman island

Fishman Island is an underwater island which dwells 10,000 meters below sea level in a giant hole that goes under the Red Line at the bottom of a deep trench. The island is encased in a giant bubble, allowing human visitors to breathe. The sunlight came from the roots of the Sunlight Tree Eve, which would absorb sunlight on the surface, and then send it down to Fishman Island via the tree’s roots. Fishman Island is an underwater gateway to the New World for those who do not want to cross over the Red Line above.

8.Zou – a country located on a giant elephant

Zou an island on the giant elephant

Zou is an island located on the back of a giant elephant, which is over 1000 years old. The giant elephant is living and moving slowly. It has been home to the Mink Tribe for around 1000 years. Twice a day, the elephant will suck up seawater into its trunk and spray it over its back. The water can carry sea animals, which provide the Mink Tribe with food, and is later purified for drinking through aqueducts.

I just list 8 interesting stuff  in the One Piece world above. Absolutely, there are more miraculous designs in the One Piece world. What else do you think is the most interesting and imaginative stuff? Welcome to share your idea in the comments below.

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