The strength of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece

The Revolutionary Army is a powerful military organization, led by Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon. This organization attempts to directly overthrow the World Government, and its real strength has been a mystery since it was revealed in the Water Seven Arc. As only several members of them have been revealed, we can not know exactly how strong they are.

As of recently, there are several members we have known, including Monkey D. Dragon, Emporio Ivankov, Bartholomew Kuma, Inazuma, Sabo, and Koala. Dragon is known as “the worst criminal in the world”, and in my mind, he is one of the strongest characters in One Piece world. Kuma is one of the Schichibukai, and maybe the strongest one besides Doflamingo. Sabo can not only defeat a vice admiral easily but the first captain of Blackbeard Pirates, Jesus Burgess as well. However, Ivankov and Inazuma were never good tier to begin with as Magellan is clearly stronger than the two.

Many One Piece fans believe that there will absolutely be more powerful members being disclosed, and so do I. Actually, Oda has introduced four Revolutionary Commanders in chapter 904. However, it makes me so disappointed that they are not as powerful as we think. They appear in the Lulusia Kingdom, rescuing the people there from the Pinkbeard Pirates, the subordinates of the Blackbeard Pirates. Let’s introduce the four commanders briefly. Firstly, Belo Betty, who serves as the East Army Commander, has the capability of encouraging the others to fight. Secondly, Lindbergh, a mink tribe, serves as the South Army Commander and has an ability to use electricity. Third, Karasu, the North Army Commander, has the devil fruit ability to turn his body and clothes into crows. The fourth is the West Army Commander, Morley, who seems to be able to manipulate the ground. They do not look as powerful as we think. I hold an idea that they are just stronger than the vice admiral, but far off the admiral.

Now more than ten members of the Revolutionary Army have been revealed. Maybe we can gauge their strength. I want to put forward a question: Can someone of them besides Dragon defeat an admiral? My answer is No. Sabo, the revolutionaries’ second-in-command, is certainly stronger than any other executives. Even though he is very powerful and has eaten a devil fruit Mera Mera no Mi, it will be difficult for him to defeat an admiral, such as Fujitora. It really worries me that they have infiltrated the Mary Geoise, which is guarded by at least two admirals, Fujitora and Ryokugyu, and what’s more, the CP0.

More strength to be revealed?

Are there any other powerful members, whose strength are admiral level I mean, existing in the Revolutionary Army? The answer may be YES. I speculate that there should be a co-founder, who is as strong as Dragon. This man’s appearance may have been shown in the post-Dressrosa Arc, when Doflamingo was arrested and talked with Tsuru, a vice admiral. It seems that the man is a giant, but we don’t know exactly about him.

What’s more, there exists an interesting theory that states that Kuzan, aka Aokiji, may be the undercover of the revolutionaries. This theory seems far-fetched, for that Kuzan is so lazy to work as a spy. Another probability is that Vegapunk works for Monkey D. Dragon by stealth. The technology of Vegapunk’s is precious and it may change the war situation in the future.

Their ideology is a huge menace

Though their physical strength may be far off that the World Government holds, their ideology is certainly a huge menace to the World Government. The Clestial Dagons are tyrannical and hedonistic, while no one is courageous enough to revolt against them. The common people do not revolt against the World Nobles even though they are being slaved. The revolutionaries will enlighten the common people, making them know that they should be treated equally and leading them to fight the World Government.

In my mind, the strength of the Revolutionary Army as far as we know should be Yonkou level, but this level will not be strong enough to overthrow the Clestial Dagons. However, though not strong enough, they are being seen as a huge menace to the World Government not only for their physical strength but the strength in ideology. What’s your idea? Welcome to share in the comments below.

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