Top ten One Piece unsolved mysteries

One Piece is a great work. Not only can we get entertained, but a good laugh and a good storyline too. It has lasted more than 20 years and it will continue for at least another few years. There are many unsolved mysteries in the series. Now let me list the top ten.

  1. Luffy’s straw hat

As we all know, Luffy’s straw hat is inherited from Shanks 12 years ago. When Shanks was young, at least 22 years ago, he wore that straw hat. That being said, the straw hat has gone through such a long time and certainly a lot of battles as well. However, the hat is not rotten. It is made of straw, not steel or gold. It is so mystical. Why is it so durable?

  1. Crocodile’s past

During the Impel Down Arc, Emporio Ivankov, known as “Okama King”, stated that he knew Crocodile’s past. If he tried to betray the escape party, Ivankov would disclose his past. Crocodile obviously didn’t want his past to be disclosed. This has caused many debates about his past among the One Piece fans. Someone said that he was a woman when he was young. Someone said that he was once on the ship of Whitebeard. What’s the truth? It is still a mystery.

  1. Blackbeard’s ability

Marshall D. Teach, known as Blackbeard, has eaten two devil fruits, Dark-Dark Fruit and Tremor-Tremor Fruit. However, we are told that one can only eat a devil fruit, if not, he will die. Marco has said that the body structure of Blackbeard is different from the common people. Then a question arises. Are there anyone else living in Blackbeard’s body?

  1. Why did Kuma become a Pacifista?

Bartholomew Kuma was once an officer of the Revolutionary Army. While now he has become a human weapon Pacifista of the World Government. Why did he serve under the World Government which he wanted to overthrow?

  1. The will of D

The people who have the middle initial “D.” in their names are special existence in One Piece world. They disperse over the world. It seems that the World Government has concerns about their existence. What is their will? Will they gather together and do something important in the future?

  1. The Void Century

The Void Century is the 100 missing years in history. Nothing about this century were recorded. What’s more, the study on the Void Century is forbidden by the World Government. What has happened during this century? Why does the World Government forbid people from studying it?

  1. Shanks’ scars

According to Shanks’ talk with Whitebeard, Shanks’ scars on his left eye were made by Blackbeard. Shanks is so mighty that I can’t believe that he would be injured by Blackbeard. Moreover, when they clashed with each other, Blackbeard had not eaten a devil fruit. How did he leave scars on Shanks’ eye? It makes me confused.

  1. Zoro’s missing eye

After the two years time skip, Zoro returned with one eye closing and a scar on it. What has happened during the time skip? Is it hurt by someone or closed for restraining a demon? Nobody knows.

  1. Where is the All Blue?

All Blue is a mystical sea where the North, South, East, and West seas meet. There are all kinds of food materials in All Blue. To find out this sea is Sanji’s dream. No one knows where the All Blue is.

  1. What is One Piece?

There are many discussions on what One Piece really is. Is One Piece really a great treasure? Many fans do not think so. Luffy is not the one who like treasure. He would prefer meat to treasure. I think he does not know what One Piece really means.

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