Why will Luffy destroy Fishman Island?

Shirley-prediction-luffy will destroy fishman island

During the Fishman Island Arc, Madam Shyarly predicts that a man in a straw hat will destroy Fishman Island. She presumes that the man is Luffy. We are told that the predictions of Shyarly’s are very accurate. It means that they will happen in the future. I am amazed at this plot as Luffy is not a villain and will certainly not do harm to Fishman Island.

Today I want to delve into the possibility and the reason that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island. Though opposite to the prediction, Luffy rescues the island instead of destroying it, I think that what Shyarly has seen in her crystal ball will certainly happen in the future. That being said, Luffy will destroy Fishman Island in the future, intentionally or unintentionally.

There exists a theory that Luffy will destroy the island in order to bring the fishmen to the surface. As the fishmen might refuse to leave their island, for that they are discriminated by humans, Luffy has to do this. I think this theory is so farfetched. If they do not want to leave and go to the surface, Luffy will not force them to leave. Another is that Luffy has to destroy it, for that he has to alter the red line. Through destroying Fishman Island, the four seas will merge into one ocean. What’s more, someone says that the man that Shyarly saw is not Luffy at all.


I think the man Shyarly saw in her crystal will certainly be Luffy. However, we just see that Luffy stands among the fire. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that Luffy is destroying the island. It is irresponsible to speculate that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island. I think Luffy is battling with someone on the island, such as a Yonkou or the World Government. As we all know, the headquarter of the World Government is above Fishman Island. There will be a war between the Straw Hats Pirates and the World Government. Maybe the island will be destroyed for the battle is so fierce.

No matter what happens in the remaining series, I believe that Luffy will not harm the fishmen. I’m sure this important plot will not be forgotten. Before Oda gives us an explanation, all theories are speculation.

One thought on “Why will Luffy destroy Fishman Island?”

  1. I think he will make the fishmen go surface. He might believe the please is holding them up. So he might destroy hit too free them, just as he did too nami’s room. Let’s not forget he already tried to destroy place to save the peoples on it, just as he did he did at the baratie. Noah might be the ship 🚢 to evacuate them all. Noah was about promise from joy boy 👦, who I believe to be gol d. Roger, and whitebeard said someone with the d. In his name should take his will, that roger waited to someone. Maybe this is one of the things roger expected from his successor to do. About the hq of the marine, the bartender told nami they transfered right? And I also think it might be imposter. Maybe Blackbeard will frame him? He have catarina devon who apparently can shapeshift as she imposted absalom.
    One thing for sure, wether itll be luffy or not, we all know who is luffy. He allways be a good one. Even if he will be the destroyer of fishmen island it must be from some good reason

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