Will Jinbe, the Sun Pirates and the Vinsmoke family manage to escape from the Whole Cake Island?

The Whole Cake Island Arc ended up with the Strawhats leaving the Big Mom Pirates’ territory alive. On the other hand, it makes the One Piece fans concerned that whether Jinbe, the Sun Pirates and the Vinsmoke family manage to escape from the Whole Cake Island. Up until now, there is no news about them, neither in the anime or the manga(as of chapter 938). Today I want to talk about their fate after the Strawhats escaped from the hell.

As for their fate, I think there are three possibilities. Now let me illustrate them one by one.

The first possibility: All of them escape from the Whole Cake Island successfully

In manga chapter 902, Charlotte Linlin returned to her normal form after eating the wedding cake made by Sanji and Pudding. We saw her catching up to Jinbe, the Sun Pirates and the Vinsmoke family, using her devil fruit power “Soul Pocus” and uttering “life or dead”. The “Soul Pocus” would extract someone’s soul if he fears her even a bit.

Fortunately, all of them didn’t fear death. At the tea party, Big Mom tried to extract Jinbe’s soul while the “Soul Pocus” didn’t have any effect on him. As for the Sun Pirates, I think they have been ready to dedicate their life to help Jinbe and the Strawhats escape, that being said, they didn’t fear death and Big Mom’s ability won’t work on them.

The same thing could apply to the Vinsmoke family, specifically Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji. Sanji’s three brothers didn’t have any emotions on death, which is proved during the wedding when the Big Mom pirates were going to kill them. At the dinner table, when Judge knew that Charlotte Linlin betrayed him, he was crying while Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji laughed at their father and didn’t fear a bit. As for Judge, I think he cried for his dream, not death, so the “Soul Pocus” won’t work on him. Reiju once told Sanji that she wanted to die with her families, and she won’t fear Big Mom.

All in all, they will go through the Big Mom’s ability “Soul Pocus”. The remaining question is how will they escape from the hell. I think that Jinbe and the Sun Pirates will escape through the water. Thank goodness! They are fishmen and the battlefield is on the sea. They can even change the ocean currents, so they can resist Oven’s attack and escape quickly through the sea. On the side of the Vinsmoke family, they can use their hi-tech equipment to fly in the sky. Therefore, it is also possible for them to leave the Big Mom’s territory alive.

The second possibility: Jinbe and the Sun Pirates escape successfully while the Vinsmoke family are caught by the Big Mom Pirates

There is no doubt that Big Mom’s devil fruit power “Soul Pocus” will be ineffective on them. However, it is still a hard job for them to escape from the Whole Cake Island. In my opinion, Jinbe and the Sun Pirates will be much easier to escape from the hell for that they are fishmen. The Vinsmoke family are not doing well as they are suffering a lot of damage from the rest of the Big Mom crew. Though they can fly in the sky, it will be a little hard for them to retreat from the battlefield.

The third possibility: all of them are caught by the Big Mom Pirates

Despite the great damage done to the Big Mom Pirates, they are still far stronger than the Sun Pirates and the Germa 66. Although Big Mom’s “Soul Pocus” didn’t work on them, there is a great possibility that they will be caught by the Big Mom’s pirates. But one thing’s for sure: they will be alive. I think the Big Mom pirates will not kill them, instead, they will imprison them and use them to lure the Strawhats.

Well, this is today’s theories. All are speculations. I personally hope that Jinbe, the Sun Pirates and the Vinsmoke family will escape from the Big Mom’s territory successfully. They have saved the Strawhats, and they certainly deserve a good fate. As for their fate, what’s your opinion? Welcome to share your ideas below.

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